Globally, one in eight women are at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime.

In 2020, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer. For many women following a mastectomy, realistic natural breast implants can vastly improve quality of life and recovery. The game-changing PECTOREAL implant technology is designed to significantly reduce potential risks of breast reconstruction, and improve quality of life for breast cancer survivors and cosmetic patients alike.



Breast cancer survivors who have had Natural Breast Implants in London


Improving Outcomes For Breast Implant Patients

With the advanced diagnostic techniques, many women who test positive for the BRCA opt for pre-emptive mastectomy to avoid breast cancer later in life. However, the failure rate of current breast implants on the market give cause for many patients to reconsider the balance of quality of life in the event of failure of reconstructive surgery. There are no current products with good clinical outcomes for managing cases post-lumpectomy.


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Ground-breaking Breast Implant Technology

Pectoreal Limited uses innovative new technology to develop two classes of natural breast implants for the surgical management of breast cancer patients who have had a lumpectomy or radical mastectomy. These life-changing surgeries often leave the cancer survivors with complications that require repeat operations, long periods of hospitalisation and psychological trauma to themselves and close family.





Pectoreal is designing two natural breast products for these two clinical presentations with the profile of minimally immunogenic, off-the-shelf products. These products are derived from the reverse-engineered natural breast tissue and therefore minimally immunogenic. This material becomes part of the breast naturally, with blood supply and sensation. The products are designed to be implanted in a single operation at the same time as the primary surgery.






After the recall of competitor products from the market, there is both a clinical need and market opportunity to develop a new generation of breast implants that will be acceptable, affordable and restore both cosmesis and sensation, which are vital for the psychological and social wellbeing of cancer survivors. In addition, the single operation will reduce hospital days, complications of repeat surgeries and the reduction on the additional costs to the health service.

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The moulds can be implanted during the same procedure as the mastectomy, reducing risk of surgical complications.



The implants are minimally immunogenic, and the chance of complications is very much reduced, in turn reducing hospitalisation time.




The material, being reverse engineered from breast tissue, has a natural texture, and gives sensation and feel, which are important to recovery and wellbeing.



The Pectofil and Pectograft implants will be far less prone to complications, which will save on medical costs in the long term.





Pectoreal Limited are keen to attract new investors in medical technology. Anyone interested in being a part of this exciting sector is welcome to join our company as a shareholder or investor. Having developed this innovative technology, our main focus in the upcoming years is to bring this pioneering development to surgical practitioners around the world.

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We are a team of highly experienced researchers and scientific advisors, who have worked in this field for our entire professional careers. We formed Pectoreal to bring together our combined knowledge and expertise, and to bring this new innovation in natural breast implants to the attention of medical practitioners and surgeons worldwide.

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If you are looking to give your patients the best possible outcome with natural breast implants, or you are looking to invest in innovative medical technology, feel free to email us with any questions or queries:

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Breast Cancer patients who have had Natural Breast Implants

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